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Conference JF Noubel on Collective Intelligence

Pioneering Humanity – A Conference in India by Jean-François Noubel

During his trip to Auroville, India, Dec. 2014, JF Noubel gave a conference about collective intelligence and his research work in exploring new ways to exist and evolve consciousness. This conference has different parts, from external objective science to empirical exploration he does at the personal level.

Bird Vortex

Swarm Collective Intelligence

Swarm collective intelligence applies to large number of individuals, from hundreds to millions. Either by design or because of the context, individuals don’t have a big differentiation from one another. Their individual margin of action remains limited and, in most cases, predictible. However as a whole, swarm collective intelligence can show immense adaptative and learning capacities.


The New Republics

The “New Republics” consists in a documentary film which aims to show the evolution of human species through the evolution of collective intelligence.

Sunflower Field

Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence exists as a natural property of the living, and it has become a new research discipline. This entry article will give you an overview.