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Research Fields

Research Fields

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Collective intelligence has a close connection with disciplines like sociology, anthropology, ethology, psychology, social choice theory, social network analysis, chaos theory, information theory, cybernetics, game theory, biology, biomimicry, economy…

Great research themes emerge from this pluridisciplinary approach. We can split them in two main categories: external objective research and internal subjective research.

External objective research covers the observable reality that surrounds us: facts, phenomena, sociology, behaviors, technologies, evolution…

Inner subjective research explores the inner reality of self: we live inside a culture and a language, how does this work? How does the We operate inside the I? How do we build a consensus about “reality”? How do we evolve our inner construct of the world? How do we deal with the evolutionary call that manifests inside the Self?


Breakthrough Technology


Research Themes

The Future of Human Collective Intelligence

Post-Monetary Society

Integral Wealth


Socialware & Communityware

Invisible Architectures

Primary People

Evolution of Self


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