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As a research and development organization, CIRI supports and catalyzes collective intelligence in human society.

We operate in a universal, international, independent, apolitical and secular way.

Our research goes directly in the public domain, in service of civil society.

We gather pioneers who explore and embody the next humanity.

The R&D we do belongs to some of the most innovative and promizing outcomes of our time.

CIRI also helps today’s organizations to evolve and build long term strategies. We want “no-loser organizations”, i.e. organizations that don’t create winners on one side and losers on the other (the environment, waged slavery, etc).

Our wealth model: the gift economy.

Right now we have chosen to exist as a free organization. CIRI doesn’t have any legal form. Take CIRI as a concept, a dream, a movement. Maybe someday we will create legal structures that can represent CIRI in the conventional legal system.

But for now, may the dream come true!

Pioneering Flight

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