Holomidal Collective Intelligence

Global Brain Internet

We name holomidal collective intelligence the new form of collective intelligence that emerges thanks to the Internet. Local and global, decentralized and distributed, agile, polymorphic, based on leadership, individuation, open source, integral wealth and mutualist economy.

Swarm Collective Intelligence

Bird Vortex

Swarm collective intelligence applies to large number of individuals, from hundreds to millions. Either by design or because of the context, individuals don’t have a big differentiation from one another. Their individual margin of action remains limited and, in most cases, predictible. However as a whole, swarm collective intelligence can show immense adaptative and learning capacities.

Strength of Pyramidal Collective Intelligence

Wall Painting from the Tomb of Djehutihotep

Today pyramidal collective intelligence still drives the vast majority of human organizations. It has allowed the rise of civilizations. Furthermore, during the past 120 years, the rapid growth of telecommunications has significantly increased the growth and power of this form of collective intelligence.

The New Republics


The “New Republics” consists in a documentary film which aims to show the evolution of human species through the evolution of collective intelligence.

Research Fields

Mad Scientist

Collective intelligence has a close connection with disciplines like sociology, anthropology, ethology, psychology, social choice theory, social network analysis, chaos theory, information theory, cybernetics, game theory, biology, biomimicry, economy…

Pyramidal Collective Intelligence

Egyptian social classes

Pyramidal collective intelligence applies to large human organizations that operate through centralized decision making processes applied to top-down chains of commands.

The Future of Human Collective Intelligence

Sphere in Space

Collective intelligence evolves from pyramidal to holomidal. Quantum leap languages Life has made quantum leaps by creating new languages. Genetic language, through the four “letters” of DNA (T,G,A,D), allowed thousands […]

Collective intelligence

Sunflower Field

Collective intelligence exists as a natural property of the living, and it has become a new research discipline. This entry article will give you an overview.